Plants in Madagascar


Didierea madagascariensis (Octopus Tree)

The floral diversity of Madagascar comes along with an exceptional level of endemism. The heterogeneity of the island’s different areas led to different botanical communities and considerable differences in forest physiognomy which have important implications for the inhabiting organisms. Given the island’s remarkable levels of habitats, floristic diversitiy and the size and remoteness of certain areas, even after two centuries of detailed taxonomic studies, the flora of Madagascar cannot as of yet be characterized as well known (Gautier & Goodman 2003).


       Adansonia sp. (Baobab)
        Frucht von Fruit of Adansonia sp. (Baobab)

On the Mahafaly Plateau, our researchers have discovered 179 plant species so far, including the Octopus Tree (Didierea madagascariensis) and the genus of baobab (Adansonia) of which Madagascar hosts 6 out of 9 known species.


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